Welcome to the 5th Dimension: Earth rebooted! 

 A blessing for the year of 2018:

The view out the window on a January morn as the sun breaks through a cold winter's night the thought comes to mind: what a joy to behold that the dawn wakes us all into the light of day, regardless of our troubles fears or doubts. As 2018 unfolds I wish this blessing on us all:

May all your troubles evaporate like the dew of a spring morning;

May all your hopes and dreams spring up from the fertile grounds of your heart and soul towards the beckoning sunlight;

And may the peace, joy and love of God pour in to your being like the sun's rays each and every day of this year to come. 


Why open this site?

I am writing my blog now to reach out to fellow humans travelling the earth sojourn in this time of great change.

The new earth, the paradise we yearn for is within our grasp let's reach out together and take the hand of the angels.

We are all one and we are bounded in our destiny.



Spiritual stairway to the 5th Dimension!